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August 3, 2010
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1967 Imperial convertible by RoadTripDog 1967 Imperial convertible by RoadTripDog
In the 1950's the Chrysler Imperial was the weirdest looking of the Big 3's luxury cars, with its taillights sitting on top of the rear fenders like bug eye protrusions. They also sold the least of the Big 3 luxury car lines. By the time this 1967 Imperial came out they were much more conventional looking and more luxurious but still never caught up to Cadillac and Lincoln.

This 1967 shows the sleek Chrysler styling of the era, a little boxy looking to us today but back then it was quite cool. It's also a huge car - probably what the B-52's were singing about in 'Love Shack' when he says "I've got me a Chrysler and its big as a whaaale!" Song doesn't work nearly as well if he sang 'Imperial' instead of 'Chrysler'. I wonder how many people we could fit in this car? Including the trunk (the Chicago option) . . .

Saw this Imperial in a mall parking lot on the way to the Salute to American Graffiti show, and being a confirmed MoPaR crazy I practically stood my old Jeep on its side making a quick turn into the lot to grab these photos.

Without a doubt, I would look really good driving this car! If anyone would like to buy this car for me, I can test my theory. Hmm? Any takers? :)
me112233 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Where (as in what town/city) was the car? When did you take the picture?
RoadTripDog Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
The car was in a shopping center in Petaluma California. I took that photo in May or June of 2010.
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