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1956 Pontiac 860 2 dr sedan by RoadTripDog 1956 Pontiac 860 2 dr sedan by RoadTripDog
I can't really say this one is pretty - it appears to be a work in progress and that's OK. Looks like a nice solid car. Normally I might not have taken this photo, but it just so happens that my family bought a 1956 Pontiac 860 2 door sedan just like this one, except we had a nice blue & white two-tone paint job. I was with my dad when he bought the Pontiac. Actually he took me with him whenever he went looking at cars, maybe that's why my brains are scrambled with car fever. You've heard Cat Scratch Fever, well I have car scratch fever. Or something. Anyway, seeing this car brought back some pleasant memories of family Sunday road trips, and if I closed my eyes down and squinted a bit I could imagine it in the original factory colors instead of dull gray.

The thing was, my dad really wanted to buy a Dodge. I don't remember why he didn't buy a Dodge, but we came home with a Pontiac. Usually he kept his cars for several years but the 1956 Pontiac was traded in for a new Dodge in 1958. I don't think he ever liked the Pontiac that much even though it was a nice car. Years later for some reason I did exactly the same thing - I was looking at a used 1962 Dodge and somehow came home with a used 1964 Pontiac LeMans with the 326 V8 & 4 speed. Long story but I was young and really got screwed over on the deal by the dealership, which happened to be the famous Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge:stupidme:. They had this great racing reputation but in the showroom they were scumbags.:evillaugh:

So like my dad, even though my Pontiac LeMans was a nice car I ended up disliking it and selling it a couple years later. Go figure, I didn't learn from family history.
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