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I still love my turntable, and the records I play on it. Today, most people have never even owned a turntable. But for me, it means "what am I listening to?" or if I'm posting a photo of an automobile my reference is often a song from the year when the automobile was new.

Lately I have spent every moment possible writing my novel. And sometimes rewriting. When I started writing I kept everything quiet, but then when I wanted to think through a scene I turned on some music and eventually the music was almost always on. I usually play period-specific music and in this case my novel is set in the 1920s. Lots of cool music. Then a few months ago I happened to find some electro music DJs were using 1920s, 1930s and 1940s music set to a house music beat. Sometimes the songs really sound like 1920s with an electro beat, sometimes they sound like house with a 1920s influence. I've found quite a few favorites that are most often in rotation as I write, and here they are.

Booty Swing by Parov Stelar (crazy Austrian electroswing DJ with band)
I wrote about this group and song a few months ago, and it's still a favorite. The singer's name is Cleo Panther. The band is hot and they have lots of other good songs.

Caravan Palace (crazy French electroswing group) I think of this group as the Citroen DS21 of electroswing.
Rock It For Me live with DJ scratching on an old Victrola, or Rock It For Me a clever and funny video about a dancing robot saving France from space alien destruction. No jokes please.
Suzy That crazy French group and their dancing robot. And yes, the flapper girl does The Robot dance with The Robot. Why not?
Dramophone Caravan Palace meets the 'girls in a car' style ZZ Top video at a French hamburger joint. No, I haven't been drinking tonight. Yet.

Postmodern Jukebox plays modern music with 1920s styling. Try it, you'll like it.
Gentleman Psy cover, but don't pass it up because of that. It's done Great Gatsby style complete with singing and dancing flappers. I kid you not.
Fancy Yes, it's the simply awful Iggy Azalea song but you'll hardly recognize it, done in Great Gatsby style with cute flapper singer. Too bad Iggy wouldn't understand.
Mashup 2013 Hilarious and very well done mashup of 2013 Postmodern Jukebox songs, performed by the band in the offices of Cosmopolitan magazine. They make it seem like just another day at the office. Yes, it is weird but it works. Really.

We Speak No Americano by Yolanda B Cool Vrs DCup
Cool song. Extremely funny old timey Italian boy meets girl and they fall in love video.

Cinnamon Girl by [dunkelbunt] That's how they spell it, with the [brackets]
Very cool number performed by a weird looking but excellent band @ mr [dunkelbunt]'s living room. Really. You just can't make this stuff up.

TAPE FIVE The best of Euro electroswing with just the right 1920s American sound and feel to the music.
Bad Boy Good Man  I'm using the line from the song "If You Don't Dance, No Romance" in my novel with Sweetie telling it to Danny. Poor guy, he never knew what hit him when Sweetie came into his life, but he will enjoy it. As did I.
Flapper's Delight  I think Flappers are delightful.
PANTALOONS  Tonight Josephine . . . My new favorite electroswing song. Love the 1920s feel and sound - and the Pantaloons at the end. Take off your pantaloons . . .
Picture Sweetie as shown in this photo  Sweetie and the RoadTripDog dancing the night away by RoadTripDog dressed as a flapper girl with beaded fringe dress and a headband with a feather. She has the hair and the smile and the right look to be a flapper. And the long legs.

Kitten and The Hip Hot, beautiful Kitten and a big bald headed guy with heavy horn rimmed glasses who calls himself 'Really Hip'. I'm just saying it like it is.
Shut Up And Dance  another line in a song referenced in my novel, Sweetie once again saying it to Danny. This is my new favorite song. Super cool electroswing shuffle beat with an absolutely gorgeous girl singing. Are her shorts real or are they body paint? This girl is the only one I've seen in 15 years who could steal me away from Sweetie, except I'm about 90 years too old for her. But I saw somewhere that she was engaged to The Hip (which may not be true) who is old enough to be her grandfather. So maybe there is hope for me. As for the song, Kitten sings the words so fast it is hard to understand them. But I've got a transcript of the words. If you watch the video and like the song, post what you think she's singing and I'll tell you if you're correct. It is weird, but gibberish and/or fast words was a style for awhile back in the 1920s and 1930s. What, you never heard of Mairzy Doats?

There's lots more. If enough of you like these I'll post more. And yes, I still like the blues, old time rock'n'roll, rockabilly, R&B and such. Electroswing is just the newest addition to my favorite music genres. See you up in the DJ booth!
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Hey Mr. DJ - Play That Funky Music!


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